in Mauritius

The island has announced the phased easing of travel restrictions and, from 1 October 2020, borders will be open to Mauritian nationals, residents and tourists travelling to Mauritius for long stays. You will have to undergo a PCR test 7 days prior to travel and quarantine at approved accommodation for 14 days on arrival.


  • You will need a PCR test 5 to 7 days before departure
  • You must travel with the original PCR certificate
  • On arrival in Mauritius, you will have a PCR test at the airport
  • You have to stay at a hotel that has been pre-approved by the Mauritian authorities
  • You must book a quarantine stay package that includes pre-approved accommodation, group hotel transfers and full board
  • You must quarantine for 14 days in your hotel room
  • You will have a PCR test on day 7 and 14 at your hotel
  • If your PCR test on day 14 comes back negative, you are free to explore the island
  • Many of the island’s attractions and experiences are open for business

Before you travel

At the airport

Boarding & in-flight

On arrival in Mauritius

During your stay


*This page is intended to offer general information and advice about the safety measures and rules in place in Mauritius.
For the most up-to-date advice, you can seek information from your travel agent, tour operator or accommodation and experience provider.

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