My favourite places in Mauritius

Where do locals like to go in Mauritius? We asked eight locals the same question: where is your favourite place in Mauritius? Here is what they said…

Where’s your favourite place in Mauritius?


“I love Rivière des Galets. I just love to go there and relax in my little chair and simply read a book. It’s just so calming and perfect. It’s quiet, with just families there relaxing and enjoying the surroundings. Then there are the waves and a little breeze… simple.”

Anne Ga, musician


”My favourite spot… Pieter Both. It’s a sweet little mountain. It’s found where I live, in Crève-Coeur, and it feels like a second home. I don’t usually use the word mountain, as I see it more like a friend. It’s just Pieter Both. It’s my favourite spot because it’s the first thing I see when I wake up and open the curtains.”

Jayesh, hiker


“My best secret spot is not on the mainland but a few kilometres away. You have to get there by boat and it’s an island called Chaloupe in St Brandon. It’s an archipelago of many islets and my favourite one is Chaloupe. It’s simply a vast sandbank and it’s just stunning, with turquoise water. There’s nothing else there except for the sea, which is what I love the most.”

Larissa, free diver


“My favourite spot is La Cambuse in the wild south. It’s just beautiful. A wonderful place!”

Anoushka, singer



“I’d say the Black River cliffs is my favourite place in Mauritius. On the end of the bay, it’s just a spot where we can relax. It’s the whole path from Tamarin Bay with views of Le Morne and La Tourelle du Tamarin. It’s wonderful. We also have a view of the waves and it’s our favourite surfing spot, so it’s just perfect.”

Roxanne, yoga teacher



“I like the ocean and our mountains but my favourite place on the island is La Nicolière Dam. It’s a very quiet place. It’s a reservoir in Mauritius and watching the water flow there is very nice. It’s peaceful and truly amazing.”

Chef Ram


“Every bit of Mauritius is great, but I love Midlands the most because I was born and raised here. It’s where I got married and where I still live, so I love it. The closest beach I like to go to is Blue Bay. It’s a nice place. I like Albion Beach, too. Blue Bay is close to where I live, so I can get there and back quickly. I don’t swim much but just like to enjoy the water and sit on the sand. And, I like to go to Albion because my husband likes to fish there and I get to take a dip in the sea.”

Marie Michelle, Table d’hote host

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