Where to stay in Mauritius

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Fully vaccinated travellers…

We’ve been carefully planning the reopening and you will be able to explore the whole island throughout your holiday!

Come and relax on our stunning beaches, hike through our national parks, stand on top of mountains overlooking sparkling lagoons and feel the freedom to discover more.

You now have a choice of accommodation in Mauritius. You can relax in one of our licensed hotels, choose a B&B or guest house, or book a self-catered villa. If you are an island resident, you can also return to your home without the need to quarantine.

You can book your accommodation through a tour operator, your local travel agent, online or directly with the hotel reception. Whilst making your booking, please ensure that your selected accommodation clearly specifies its licence type as COVID-19 testing protocols vary accordingly.

Hotel stays for vaccinated travellers

If you have chosen to stay in a hotel, you will be required to take an antigen test on arrival at your hotel (day 0).

Other accommodation for vaccinated travellers

For all other accommodation in Mauritius, you will have a PCR test on arrival at the airport (day 0).

Unvaccinated travellers…

  • You will be subject to a test on arrival (day 0) 
  • You must self-isolate for 7 days in accommodation of your choice
  • You must take an antigen test on day 7
  • If you test negative on day 7, you can freely explore the island from day 8 of your stay


Safety on
the island

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