Mauritius Tourism Promotion

The Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) is a parastatal organisation established in 1996 by the MTPA Act. It is administered by a Board of Directors and operates under the aegis of the Ministry of Tourism and Leisure.

Objectives of the Authority

The objectives of the MTPA are to promote Mauritius abroad as a tourist destination by:

  • Conducting advertising campaigns and participating in tourism fairs.
  • Organising, in collaboration with the local tourism industry, promotional campaigns and activities in Mauritius and abroad.
  • To provide information to tourists on facilities, infrastructures and services available to them in Mauritius.
  • To initiate such action as may be necessary to promote cooperation with other tourism agencies.
  • To conduct research into market trends and market opportunities and disseminate such information and other relevant statistical data on Mauritius.
  • To advise the Minister on all matters relating to the promotion of tourism.

Our Mission

To increase the visibility of Mauritius as a prime holiday and up-market destination.

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Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA)

Tel: +230 2031900
Fax: +230 212 5142
Address: 4-5th Floor, Victoria House St Louis Street 11302 Port Louis Republic of Mauritius

Other offices around Mauritius & Rodrigues

SSR International Airport

Tel: +230 637 3635

Victoria House. Port Louis

Tel: +230 2031900

Rodrigues Island

Tel: +230 832 0866 / +230 832 0866/7
Fax: +230 832 0174
Address: La Residence Rue de la Solidarite
Port Mathurin

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