Weddings in Mauritius

Weddings in Mauritius: everything you need to know

Soft white sands, sparkling lagoons and an unforgettable menu of island experiences, there’s no wonder that weddings in Mauritius are some of the dreamiest in the world. Couples can get married in Mauritius under fragrant flowers on a powder-soft beach, in a luxury resort surrounded by loved ones or while floating on a catamaran in the Indian Ocean. There are so many ways to say ‘I do’. Here’s our guide to planning your wedding in Mauritius.

Weddings in Mauritius

Planning your wedding in Mauritius

It’s easier than you think to get married in Mauritius. Most hotels have their own experienced wedding coordinator, who will organise every last detail of your wedding for you, from the flowers to the post-ceremony celebration.

Local suppliers are very experienced when it comes to weddings in Mauritius and we are not short of award-winning talent on the island, including wedding photographers who have captured intimate ceremonies to extravagant Hindi weddings.

Many of the hotels and resorts in Mauritius offer extensive wedding and honeymoon packages, so you can choose the perfect one to suit your party size and style. Villas are also increasingly popular with multi-generational wedding parties and honeymooners.

As Mauritius has a subtropical climate, the island is warm all year round. For outdoor weddings, the chance of rain increases during the summer months of January to March.

As the Indian Ocean is already a divine honeymoon destination, weddings in Mauritius often mean the happy couple don’t have to travel far after getting married to enjoy the start of wedded bliss together.

How to get married in Mauritius

There are several documents couples need to provide in order to have a legal wedding in Mauritius.

It’s also recommended that couples arrive in Mauritius a few days before the ceremony to speak with their wedding planner, settle into their surroundings and finalise details. Your wedding planner will be able to give you a specific number of days, such as a minimum stay.

For civil weddings, here’s a list of what you need to get married:

The first six pages of both passports
Birth certificates
Decree Absolute if either party is divorced
Proof of change of name, if applicable
Death certificate in case of widow/widower
Letter of parental consent in the form of an affidavit, if either the bride or groom is under the age of 18
Mauritian doctor’s certificate of non-pregnancy if the bride-to-be has been divorced in the last ten months
Registration from the registrar of births, deaths and marriages

Copies of these documents must be sent four weeks prior to the wedding to:
Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages
6th floor, Emmanuel Anquetil Building
Port Louis
Tel: +230 201 1727
Fax: +230 211 2420

For religious weddings, here’s what you need to get married:

Original documentation must be produced on the wedding day
Documents not in English must be translated into English and duly stamped
Religious wedding ceremonies can only take place between Monday and Friday, and are subject to the availability of the registrar. Ceremonies of this kind cannot take place on public holidays
Couples need to be on the island for three working days prior to the ceremony. Note that most hotels require a minimum stay of seven nights
Before the big day, a visit to Port Louis will be arranged to sign affidavits

Original documents required for a religious wedding:

Birth certificates
Christening certificates (for Christians)
Morality certificates from each respective Parish priest, specifying that both parties are free to marry
Specification of religion. If parties are of different religions, the case must go to the Bishop

Catholics wishing to get married in Mauritius should contact the:
Port Louis Dioceses
Tel: +230 208 3068
Fax: +230 208 6607

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