Pont Naturel

See wild waves and volcanic rock at Pont Naturel

The bumpy roads you’ll traverse to reach this dramatic natural landscape are well worth the journey. Pont Naturel (or natural bridge) is a volcanic rock formation stretching two metres across swirling glacier blue and white waves on the south coast of Mauritius. It might look like a man-made construction, but it’s entirely formed by natural processes. Water pours through tiny holes in the rock, making eerie whistling sounds known as “le souffler”, which means “a blower”.

Pont Naturel can be found between Le Souffleur and Le Bouchon. The sea here is strong and fierce, with waves smashing against the cliffs. For this reason, it’s not suitable for swimming, but it’s a magical spot to contemplate the power and beauty of nature. It’s also a great spot for photographs.

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