Discover the Ravanne

The ravanne, also known as the ‘frame drum’ or ‘tambour’, is a percussion instrument played all around the world. It’s made from goat skin and string which are stretched around a round frame. The skin needs to be warmed before playing, and the echoing sounds are made by hitting the ravanne with different parts of the hand. 

Discover the Ravanne

In Mauritius, the ravanne is an important instrument used in Sega music. Sega music originated from enslaved people in Mauritius and if you’re on the island, it won’t be too long before you hear it — and the beats of the ravanne!

The echoing sound and vibrations of the ravanne set the foundation for Sega music. It guides Sega dancers who sway and move their hips along to the beat. Ever felt the beat of a drum right in your heart? Some believe the ravanne has spiritual qualities and healing powers because its vibrations can re-tune our body to its ‘natural frequency’.

Be moved by the rhythmic beating of a ravanne when you’re next on the island and join in with the lively Sega vibes. Want to know how to play the ravanne yourself? Musicians like Sarasvati host workshops where anyone can learn how to play this traditional Mauritian instrument.


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