Street art in Port Louis

There is street art everywhere in Port Louis. The creativity of locals spills onto the streets, brightening once-dark walls with splashes of colour.

There are over 100 murals in the city, with talented artists commissioned to make their mark. One of the best places to see street art in Port Louis is Chinatown. On Royal Road, the main road heading through Chinatown, there is a huge piece of art depicting three Mauritian women by Frau Isa, celebrating the island’s beauty and diversity.

Walk down Emmanuel Anquetil Street and you’ll find a giant kung fu panda bursting through the walls, plus the delicate painting of a girl playing her flute by Armand Gachet, her blue dress floating across the walls and down the street.

Venpin Street is the place to go for Manga street art. The cartoon figures emblazon the walls with their big eyes, action poses and cool backdrops. While here, you can have your photo taken in front of some giant wings.

Our government has embraced the art scene and, in December, Port Louis hosts the Porlwi by Light Festival / Port Louis by Light Festival. This is a celebration of our island’s contemporary culture, so expect music, dancing, light installations and critically-acclaimed artists making their mark on walls and buildings across the city.

You can discover camera-worthy street art around every corner in Port Louis, so come and explore!

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