Coin de Mire

You’ll find incredible snorkelling around Coin de Mire

Coin de Mire, or Gunner’s Quoin as it’s also known, is an offshore island in the north of Mauritius. You can reach Coin de Mire by speedboat or catamaran, but stepping foot on the islet isn’t allowed, as it’s a protected nature reserve.

People come here to see the rust-orange cliffs from the water, where seabirds such as the graceful red-tailed tropicbird or wedge-tailed shearwater soar and swoop above you.
Coin de Mire is also known for its amazing snorkelling opportunities. You’ll be in with a chance of seeing some of the reef’s most curious creatures, from damselfish to moray eels; and you might be lucky enough to see a turtle or passing pod of dolphins.

From the mainland, some say the angular shape of Coin de Mire’s cliffs make the island look like a giant whale drifting along the Indian Ocean.

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