Mauritius language

What language is spoken in Mauritius?

There are three languages widely spoken in Mauritius: English, French and Mauritian Creole. We asked a few of the locals what their favourite Creole expressions are to give you a flavour of the local languages. You’ll also find a few more useful Creole phrases in this guide to try out when you visit the island!

Mauritius language

Take a look at our Creole phrases:


Alo!   /   Hello!

Silvouple   /   Please

Wi, mo kapav ed ou?   /   Yes, can I help you?

Non mersi   /   No, thank you

Orevwar   /   Goodbye

Eski mo kapav gagn…   /   Please can I have…

Ki manier?   /   How are you doing?

Korek   /   I’m doing well OR everything is going well

Komie sa koute?   /   How much is this?

Nou ale!   /   Let’s go!

Nou ale tchake!   /   Let’s go out!

Bon dimounn gagn bon kiksoz   /   If we show kindness, we’ll get positive things in return

Extra bon    /   It’s super good!

Ti lipie lor gro lipie   /   This phrase is about putting your little foot on your big foot and you just chill. You want to lay down, relax and take it easy.

Lalang pe aplodi   /   Something to say when a drink tastes good and refreshing!

Kontign manz ar li   /   No matter how difficult it is, never give up!

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