Discover the song ‘Nou ti Zil’

‘Nou ti Zil’ means ‘our little island’ and we used this song as an opening hymn, to welcome travellers back to Mauritius.

Three artists came together to write a song that captures what it means to be Mauritian: singer, songwriter and performer Annega, composer and performer Manu Desroches and songwriter and performer Jason Heerah.

We spoke to Annega and Manu about how they were inspired to write ‘Nou ti Zil’.

Discover the song ‘Nou ti Zil’

What is ‘Nou ti zil’ about?


Annega says, ‘“Nou ti zil” is about the beauty of our island and the people who live here. It’s about the highs and lows of daily life and above all, it’s about our pride for Mauritius.’

‘“Nou ti zil” is a tribute to Mauritius, and our love for it,’ Manu says. ‘There’s something special here, the way people are friendly and how easy it is to connect with them. You don’t find that elsewhere. So we wanted that to come through in the song, and share that special energy with the world. That’s the aim of the track.’

For Annega, the song was easy to write because it represents the island and people they love. ‘We wrote the lyrics within a day with the help of Jason Heerah. The words came naturally because we were inspired by what’s around us, mostly the people, and that sense of Mauritian hospitality.’

As Mauritius is so diverse, Manu says the song is a celebration of ‘the culture, the positive energy, and the different cultures and influences that we have on the island. It’s a small place but there are so many people from different backgrounds and cultures, and that’s what makes us special’.

A local, upbeat sound

If you’ve heard the song, you’ll know that ‘Nou ti zil’ is a fun and energetic song. The song is sung in Creole but you don’t have to understand the language to get a feel for its upbeat vibes… or to dance to it!

‘Nou ti Zil’ was originally meant to be in English but once they were in the studio, the team felt they “needed more of a local touch’. That’s when they decided that it ‘had to be sung in Creole’.

Still wondering what the words mean? Here’s the chorus of ‘Nou ti Zil’ in English:

When you’ll come to visit my island
I’ll make you laugh, dance, dream
Where colours of the sky and the sea make one
I was born in a paradise
Where the sun is always shining high and we’re down here soaking it up
When that little breeze brings you a taste of freedom
It’s a trip you’ll never wish to forget
And even if the rain begins to fall
You will still be amazed
When you’ll come to visit my island
I’ll make you laugh, dance, dream
And if we could step back and only keep what’s simple in life
In order to reconnect with the true beauty of our island
Something which already lives inside of all our hearts
Live free from all superficialities
When you’ll come to visit my island
I’ll make you laugh, dance, dream

Thanks to artists like Annega and Manu, Mauritius’ music scene is continuing to grow with artists influenced by genres influenced by many genres including jazz, funk, groove, soul and sega. Look out for local festivals or live music at bars like Kenzi Bar in Flic en Flac to hear the latest musical talent on the island.

Want to hear more from Annega and Manu? The pair have also worked together on ‘Nou ale’, a song where the music video was recorded on Mauritius’ Le Pouce Mountain!

Our Mauritian welcome extends to becoming part of the music scene too. ‘If you’re an artist, we invite you to come here and get inspired by our culture, and maybe do some collaborations’, Manu says.

A musician’s Mauritius must-dos

So what do two islanders say travellers should do and see in Mauritius?

Annega says, ‘I think people need to experience Mauritian culture, meet the locals, see our art, taste our food, go on hikes, head to the beach, and just get into the island’s lifestyle for a bit. It’s an eye-opening experience because there’s so much to discover on such a small island. But yeah… the art and culture: number one!’

Manu shares his ultimate plan for an island adventure. ‘I invite people to come to Mauritius and go to one of the many islets we have, like Île aux Benitiers or Île aux Cerfs, for example. Just party all night on the island. Taste some local flavours and play music all night… that’s one of the most powerful experiences you can have here… one night on a desert island.’

‘If you want a taste of magic, and are looking for an adventure, Mauritius is the place to be.’ – Annega

‘Even for those of us living here, we still find it amazing and we wanted to share a taste of that with the world. – Manu

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