Rodrigues Island

A quick guide to Rodrigues Island

Rodrigues Island is an island dependency of Mauritius around 580 kilometres northeast of Mauritius. It takes around an hour and a half to fly to the island from Mauritius – and it is worth the journey! You’ll discover beautiful, unspoilt nature, a vast lagoon for watersports and fishing, and incredibly welcoming locals. The island is a paradise for kitesurfing, hiking and diving, and you can end active days tucking into Rodrigues’ delicious and creative cuisine. One of the island’s highlights is François Leguat Reserve, a valley home to hundreds of giant tortoises.

Rodrigues Island has a slow pace of life and a traditional vibe that feels relatively untouched by tourism. You will inevitably fall under the charm of this sleepy sister island, which is perfect for disconnecting and relaxing.

Reasons to visit Rodrigues Island

  • Unspoilt and strikingly beautiful
  • Quiet beaches & islets
  • Authentic getaway with the Rodriguan hospitality
  • Foodie paradise: try ourite (Octopus), fresh fish, seaweed, local jams and achards
  • Unique culture, such as the Sega Tambour
  • Live the local experience and stay in an authentic guesthouse
  • Surrounded by coral reefs and offers world-class diving and snorkelling
  • The chance to visit extraordinary beaches on tiny islets such as Ile aux Cocos

Good to know

  • Rodrigues is an island dependency of Mauritius
  • The Mascarene Islands, also known as Îles Mascareignes, include the islands of Réunion, Mauritius and Rodrigues
  • Rodrigues Island lies 580 kilometres northeast of Mauritius and it takes 1 hour 30 minutes to fly to the island from Mauritius
  • Rodrigues is 18km in length and 8km at its widest point
  • When booking a Mauritius holiday, you could add 5-7 days on Rodrigues Island in the later part of your holiday

Things to do on Rodrigues Island

Life is slower on this little volcanic island, where blissful escapism is the vibe. Northeast of Mauritius, hilly Rodrigues is one of the Indian Ocean’s best-kept secrets. Empty stretches of beach, coastal walks and hearty Creole cuisine are what this remote island is all about.

For birdwatchers, a short boat trip to the white sands and coconut trees of Ile aux Cocos is a must. This tiny islet off the coast of Rodrigues Island is a stunning nature reserve famous for its seabirds, and the beaches are paradise. Another one for wildlife-lovers back on Rodrigues’s mainland is the François Leguat Giant Tortoise and Cave Reserve, an impressive local project protecting hundreds of giant tortoises. Visit this stunning valley and walk among the giant Aldabra tortoises.

If you’re into hiking, take the coastal path trek to Trou D’Argent. This isolated beach is one of the island’s most spectacular and hidden between two craggy low-slung cliffs. It’s only accessible on foot, which just makes the views all the more rewarding when you get there.

Top things to do

  • Go snorkelling or diving, as Rodrigues Island is surrounded by coral reefs
  • Relax on astounding beaches and take the chance to visit tiny islets such as Ile aux Cocos
  • Visit François Leguat Reserve, a valley home to hundreds of giant Aldabra tortoises, tropic birds and native trees. Walk among the tortoises and explore the caves and Garden of the Senses
  • Go kitesurfing! Rodrigues is famous for its kitesurfing spots in the south-east and hosts the International Kitesurf Festival
  • The island has a hilly landscape that’s fantastic for hiking and trailers, especially on the east coast if you are looking for secluded coves and unspoilt nature
  • Join one of the local fishermen for a line fishing trip
  • Watch Sega Tambour, the traditional dance from Rodrigues which now has UNESCO World Heritage status
  • Try the island’s unique gastronomy, such as sausage rougaille, red beans soup, papaya pie and kono-kono salad
  • Hire a bike and go cycling! You’ll face hills, mountains, valleys and coastal paths – but the views (and experience) are worth the effort

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