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Food festivals in Mauritius

Mauritius is also known for its food! The island is one of the most multicultural countries in the world, making the cuisine just as varied (and delicious)! Try the island’s incredible street food, from light dholl puri to crispy gateaux piments, or enjoy fine dining at a gourmet food festival. You can also take part in cooking workshops, relax with a few drinks and listen to live music while you tuck in.

Gourmet Experience

This annual family-friendly food festival celebrates the culinary diversity of Mauritius through gourmet food tastings, street food stalls, drinks and music.

Gourmet Experience

Moka Street Food Festival

This free annual food festival in collaboration with Food Frenzy offers more than 20 street food vendors, a kids’ corner and live music.

Constance Festival Culinaire

Hosted by Constance Hotels & Resorts, this culinary festival brings together chefs and culinary personalities in a week-long celebration of food with workshops, dinners and competitions.

Quartier des Serres market

The open-air shopping centre in Mapou hosts monthly markets within a garden setting. Find street food vendors and souvenir stalls alongside cafes and restaurants.

Quartier des Serres market

Chinatown Food Festival

Held by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Mauritius, this annual two-day festival celebrates Chinese cuisine and culture on the island with food and performances.

Chinatown food festival